During Monday afternoon, Rodrigo de Loredo announced on his social networks through a video that he was renouncing his candidacy as Governor of Cordoba.

“I remember that since I was little I played with being president…”, This is how the political leader began his statement in his account instagram. With an account of his childhood in which he points out the principles with which he was raised and his interest in politics from such a young age, up to the path traveled to his current role, the deputy announced his decision to resign. to the candidate

“For some time we have been building, together with a great team, an alternative to govern the province of Córdoba. Studying its problems, visiting each town and diagramming proposals… We truly understand that Córdoba can be much better”, assured. He mentioned the recent problems of insecurity, inflation, structural problems and the high rates of poverty that plague the province and indicated that Louis Judge He is the one who notices those flaws and pointed him out as the one to lead the opposition.