The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) extended for two months, until May 31, the term to regularize the obligations of taxes on Income and on Personal Assets.

The extension also covers the validity of the payment plans of the “My Facilities” system, both for tax, customs and Social Security obligations. The measures were ordered respectively through general resolutions 5177/2022 and 5178/2022, published this Thursday in the Official Gazette.

The 60-day extension, which is added to others already arranged previously, was resolved to “promote compliance and regularization of tax obligations by taxpayers and those responsible,” according to the collection agency in the recitals of the resolutions. .

biometric data

On the other hand, through General Resolution 5180/2022, the AFIP extended until June 30 the exemption from the obligation to register biometric data by taxpayers and responsible parties, for reasons of “speed and efficiency”, despite that the epidemiological situation derived from the Covid-19 pandemic “evolves favorably”.

With this measure, the interested parties will not have to go to the AFIP offices to register their photo, signature and fingerprint in person, since the procedures and procedures can be carried out from the “Digital Presentations” service.

term extension

Article 1 of RG 5177 extended until May 31 the deadline for taxpayers to “regularize their Income Tax and Personal Property Tax obligations.”

They may do so in “up to three installments, with a 25% payment on account”, while the AFIP clarified that “the category of the “Risk Profile System (Siper)” will not be taken into account, as long as it is categories A, B, C or D, although it excludes those who are categorized as “very high risk” in category E.

RG 5178 extended until May 31 the transitory validity corresponding to the number of admissible payment facility plans, as well as the number of installments and the financing interest rate applicable in the permanent payment facility regime. The maximum is eight installments and six plans per person, the AFIP clarified in a statement.

In addition, the benefits in the conditions of the permanent payment plans for those who carry out critical activities will also continue in force until May 31, 2022.


Source: Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP)