Almost a year and a half after his detention in the Bouwer prison, the former director of Civil Defense, Diego Concha, once again insisted on his innocence, in the case that accuses him and investigates the alleged sexual abuse against the firefighter Luana Ludueña , who then ends up taking his own life. Concha is accused of “Homicide due to sexual abuse with qualified carnal access for having been committed on the occasion of his functions”, aggravated by the femicidal suicide of the young woman.

In dialogue with El Doce, the former official insisted that he never had any kind of relationship beyond the professional with Ludueña. Speaking in the third person, he noted: “Diego Concha did not harass Luana, he never deprived her of her liberty, he did not sexually abuse Luana. In 50 years I have never been intimate with any woman who did not want to be with me.” He also indicated that “I neither persecuted, nor kidnapped, nor abused, nor extorted, much less raped Luana Ludueña.”

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Regarding what happened on November 14, 2021 -the day the national legislative elections were held-, Concha pointed out that on that day he and Luana met “in a private place” where “we stayed for 30 minutes”: “We agreed to meet via chat to have a coffee and then two adults decide to have some other matter of a private nature that I repeat never happened”. After said meeting, she clarified that he took her 50 meters before her house in Pilar. “In that private place, we were both changed, fully dressed”, insisted.

Then the firefighter clarified that he wants “vindicate myself socially, not only for the damage that has been done to my person but also for the damage that has been done to my family” (…); “So I am going to fight tirelessly, unconditionally and no one is going to stop me so that the truth is known, but I am going to do it above all things for my family”.

Courtesy: The Twelve