The Ni Una Menos Assembly issued a statement demanding police custody for B, the young woman who was gang raped and the victim of an attempted femicide, and who was discharged last Friday. They further indicated that There are other victims among them the case of a woman victim of femicide, whose case is linked to members of this same group of aggressors.

“We are accompanying victims and family members in the formation of a working table of organizations and activists in unity whose sole purpose will be to go to the end in the request for justice that ends all the complicities behind the rape and attempted femicide of B .”, they indicated from the Assembly Not One Less Cordoba.

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They warned that “This is not a single case” of attack by the same group and specifying that they are also accompanying the family of Jessica, a victim of femicide. They are aware that “there are more violations that have not been reported due to the impunity of these aggressors.”

Regarding B. and his family, the feminist collective denounces that the promised police custody “was never fulfilled” and that the Judiciary continues “without giving answers to his family and his lawyer”; although the more than 28 complaints that were made in a timely manner. Faced with this scenario of vulnerability, the Assembly expresses its concern for “the safety of Jessica’s family”, who “were never assigned police custody.” “Today his whole family is at serious risk of life”.

Finally, the Assembly holds responsible for the safety of the victims and their families the prosecutor for Crimes Against Sexual Integrity of the First Shift, Alicia Chirino, the Ministry of Security, the Ministry of Women and the Women’s Pole: “They didn’t take care of her all these years, They didn’t take care of her these weeks of immense exposure and life risk, and they don’t take care of her now that she’s out of the hospital.”

Although there are three people arrested for this fact, a total of 9 are targeted, including a woman who would be part of the criminal gang. According to the family, B. suffered sexual abuse by the same group of people three times, the first time in 2018 when he was 21 years old, then in April of this year and now in September,

Group rape in Córdoba: they demand police custody for the victim • Canal C
Group rape in Córdoba: they demand police custody for the victim • Canal CGroup rape in Córdoba: they demand police custody for the victim • Canal C