He Ministry of Health of the Nation reported that this Friday a total of 28,235 cases of dengue, of which 25,419 acquired the infection in Argentina and whose viral circulation was detected in 14 jurisdictions. At the same time, at least a few 915 cases of Chikungunya in all the country.

According to the situation analysis, an increase in cases of 27.7% was registered, compared to the previous week (16,143 cases). At the moment, the circulation of this virus was identified in 14 jurisdictions: Buenos Aires; Autonomous City of Buenos Aires; Cordova; Between rivers; Santa Fe; currents; Formosa; Chaco; Catamarca; Jujuy; The Rioja; jump; Santiago del Estero and Tucuman.

Meanwhile, in regards to fever chikungunya, 915 cases have been registered so far, of which 348 acquired the infection in the country; 306 are under investigation and 261 acquired the disease abroad. At the moment, the circulation of this virus was registered in 7 jurisdictions: Buenos Aires; CABA; Chaco; Cordova; currents; Formosa and Santa Fe.

What are dengue and chikungunya?

He dengue It is a viral disease transmitted by the bite of the Aedes genus mosquito, mainly by Aedes aegypti, when the mosquito feeds on the blood of a person infected with the dengue virus, it acquires it and then it is capable of transmitting it to a healthy person through the bite. The chikungunya it is also a viral disease that is transmitted in the same way.

Symptoms of dengue and chikungunya

After 8 to 12 days from the bite of the dengue-infected mosquito, usually present fever, pain behind the eyes; upside down; muscle and joints; nausea and vomiting; intense tiredness; appearance of spots on the skin and itching; bleeding nose and gums. In the case of chikungunya, the symptoms begin between 3 to 7 days and they are fever, pain in the joints, muscle; upside down; nausea; fatigue and skin rash.

+ In the presence of any of these symptoms, it is very important to consult a doctor early, not self-medicate and take measures to avoid mosquito bites and thus prevent them from continuing to transmit the virus.

Source: Ministry of Health of the Nation