The ruling party achieved the average sanction with 180 positive votes, 22 negative and 49 abstentions. Could not move forward with the articles to modify the retentions and enable the payment of Earnings for judges.

After a marathon session, the Chamber of Deputies approved the 2023 Budget project with half sanction. With 180 positive votes, 22 negative and 49 abstentions, the initiative was approved in general. The session began at 13:45 on Tuesday.

The 2023 Budget project that establishes a total expenditure of almost 29 billion pesos, a growth of the economy of 2%, a projected inflation of 60%, an exchange rate of 218.90 pesos per dollar, and a reduction in the deficit tax from 2.5 to 1.9%.

When discussing the particular points, the opposition imposed its number to reject the article of the 2023 Budget project promoted by the ruling party, through which the payment of Income Tax was established for all members of the Judicial Power.

The opposition blocs added 134 negative votes against 116 of the ruling party, so the article was rejected.

To achieve the tight quorum of 130 deputies, the Frente de Todos had the help of the United Provinces interbloc, a part of Evolución Radical, the two members of the SER bloc, the two socialist deputies from Santa Fe and four legislators from the UCR (Jorge Rizzotti, Miguel Bazze, Victor Hugo Romero and Martin Arjol).

On the other hand, the bulk of the UCR, the PRO and the Civic Coalition did not collaborate with that objective and just went down to the venue with the session started.