The Frente de Todos approved today an admissibility resolution in the Political Judgment Commission of the Chamber of Deputies that formally leaves open the investigation for poor performance against the four members of the Supreme Court. With this, the opening of the summary was achieved to accumulate the evidence that supports the accusation against the magistrates Horacio Rosatti, Carlos Rosenkrantz, Juan Carlos Maqueda and Ricardo Lorenzetti.

The initiative is promoted by President Alberto Fernández, considering that the magistrates of the highest court incurred in “bad performance” in several of their rulings.

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The ruling party asserted its majority (it has 16 of the 31 members) to vote in favor of all the accusations in the same resolution, something that was questioned by the Civic Coalition. The Front of All added 16 votes; while Together for Change and the Federal interblock gathered 15 deputies who raised the inadmissibility. The referenced space in Elisa Carrió proposed, instead, that the accusations be voted on separately in order to advance only with their complaints against Ricardo Lorenzetti.

The opinion of the Impeachment Committee is valid for three yearsso that the project could be debated in the Chamber of Deputies within that period, contemplating that The ruling party does not currently have a special majority necessary for it to be approved, that is, two thirds of the legislators present.