The Budget and Treasury Commission of the Chamber of Deputies resumes this Tuesday the debate on the project of expenses and resources for 2023. For this reason, it will seek to advance in agreements with the opposition that allow this initiative to be sanctioned next week with the greatest political support.

The Commission, chaired by Carlos Heller, meets from 1:00 p.m. to analyze in detail the official initiative, the changes proposed by the Frente de Todos and the opposition blocs to introduce in the opinion that will be signed between Wednesday and Thursday.

The intention of the ruling party is to approve this initiative in the sessions that will be held between October 25 and 26, although it has yet to be defined whether the FDT agrees to divide the treatment into two days as requested by Together for Change.

The deputies will resume the debate on the text designed by the Ministry of Economy, headed by Sergio Massa, which estimates a growth of the economy of 2%, an inflationary guideline of 60% and a decrease in the fiscal deficit from 2.5% to 1 .9%, which is sought by reducing expenses and subsidies.

A distinctive fact is that more than 65% of the funds will be allocated to social expenses, including payments for the different assistance plans, as well as retirement and pensions, and funds for health, science and education will be prioritized.

The project estimates a total expenditure of almost $29 billion, with an approximate collection of $22.5 billion and a primary deficit of $6.3 billion.

Source: Telam