Last night, the Chamber of Deputies unanimously approved modifications to National Law 22,431 “Comprehensive Protection System for the Disabled.” In particular, it made changes in the granting of the Single Certificate of Disability. As of the enactment of the rule and its regulations, it may be issued “with or without an expiration date” depending on its diagnosis.

The Federal Córdoba Block supported the proposed modifications. The deputy Natalia de la Sota valued “the work carried out in the Disability Commission during all this time and that is embodied in this project that took into account the different opinions collected, from the National Agency for Disability and also that of the Federal Council for Disability that has also revealed his view that is important because it has representation throughout the Argentine Republic”.

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Basing his vote on the premises, De la Sota remarked: “It is true that families needed to simplify the process of renewing the Single Certificate of Disability, make it more flexible, and that in the cases that are available from the Evaluation Boards and in the regulations , that permanent disabilities be considered and do not need to be renewed. Is renewal difficult? Of course it is and the families will agree with me. It is cumbersome, many times it revictimizes, many times it becomes an obstacle for families and we know it. For this reason, this Certificate cannot become another barrier for families”, he underlined.

Finally, he demanded the support of the national government for the Evaluating Boards. “We need this renewal process, in cases where it has to be renewed, to be as agile and efficient as possible and for that I ask, on behalf of my Province and the Evaluating Boards of the country with which we have spoken, that the Boards have the necessary resources, human, economic, technological, to be able to make the Single Certificate more agile and easier, in the reassessments and in the controls of each one of the people who live with a disability”, he concluded.