This Wednesday, the Lower House will hold a new special session, within whose agenda is included the so-called “tax relief” project for monotributistas and self-employed workers, whose author is the president of the Chamber, Sergio Massa. The ruling party and the opposition have some differences pending resolution regarding some points of the articles.

Strictly speaking, the project consists of expanding the billing ceilings for each one of the monotax categories (so that the taxpayers of the simplified regime do not have to pay a higher rate due to inflation) and modifying the special deductions to the tax to Self-employed earnings to raise the non-taxable minimum of that tax.

The measure would have a positive impact on the economic situation of a large part of the 4.5 million monotributistas and 140,000 self-employed with activities registered in the country.

I followed the extraordinary session live on the YouTube channel of the Chamber of Deputies: