We all know someone who once had the misfortune of having their cell phone fall into the water, with all that direct contact of these devices with some type of liquid implies, and the technical failures that can be generated in it.

The important thing is to know that what we do in the first minutes after the mobile device comes into contact with the water is essential to be able to rescue it and keep it working. Here we tell you some tricks that, despite not being infallible, can save your phone.

The main thing is to first turn off the phone, remove the battery and remove the sim card and memory card.

Mix with drying balls or silica gel

They are small bags that we can find when we buy a shoe or a garment. They work like silicon dampeners, and you can put them next to the device in a bag where air can’t get in.

Use isopropyl alcohol

Putting the cell phone wet in another liquid is a good solution to be able to dry it, since isopropyl alcohol is responsible for completely evaporating moisture and traces of water, without leaving any trace and without damaging the screen or other components of the mobile.

use dehumidifier

This alternative is more than anything to complement the drying process, since it is likely that, using the different alternatives, the cell phone is still a bit wet. To finish drying the phone, you can use a dehumidifier, so that it absorbs the tiny amounts of water that may be there.

Place it between two towels

Finally, a practical solution, and one that everyone can apply at home, is to put the equipment between two towels, since drying will be safer thanks to the absorption of the material of these pieces of cloth.