Diego Brancatelli announced that he decided to close the supermarket that he had opened during the pandemic with Cecilia Insinga’s father in the town of Caseros, the Tres de Febrero party.

“We decided to close it and face other directions and projects. But we do not take it as something negative at all, “announced the ex-panelist to the Teleshow site. “Fortunately, the place is ours and we are going to continue betting on work,” he added.

“We take it as an apprenticeship. New and beautiful things will come. You cannot be everywhere and it is also something that this project teaches us”, she expressed..

In May Diego Brancatelli had given Ángel de Brrito a note in which he assured that the trade was not having the expected result. “I put a supermarket in a pandemic to give people work and things are going badly for us,” he had expressed at the time.