One of the most anticipated news by Argentines was recently announced. The premiere of the Simulators movie. After almost 20 years of the premiere of one of the most acclaimed series, the team of actors and the original director, Damian Szifron, decided to bring The Simulators to the big screen.

Diego Peretti, actor who characterized Ravenna

Diego Peretti, actor who plays Emilio Ravenna, in dialogue with wave ten He assured that there was always the idea of ​​making a film but that the condition for making it was that the four original actors and its director participate “We always said that either the five of us did it or we did not do it”

On the other hand, he admitted that “there is still no script”, but he estimated that “Damián (Szifrón) must have something quite armed in his head because otherwise he would not have committed himself”.

He specified that the film will be filmed in 2023 and will be released in 2024.