Diego Peretti assured that he was scammed by a real estate manager for a millionaire amount. The actor gave an interview in The last two (Continental AM 590) and provided details of what happened and confessed that I live moments of great anguish.

“This is the real estate developer Martín Pines who was summoned to criminal investigation by Judge Elizabeth Paisan, who is responsible for the National Correctional Court No. 12, who gave data and evidence to investigate an alleged crime,” Peretti said.

The actor assures that Pines sold him two functional units but that he did not have the authority to carry out that operation. “He left me with a millionaire debt that I am still paying today,” Peretti said.

“What turns my stomach about these people is that they tell you to your face that you are right, that they are going to pay you and you are pedaling for two years and they cause you emotional damage,” said the actor and assured that they carry out these maneuvers to dilate deadlines in order to prescribe any possibility of making a complaint. However, Peretti expressed that he is willing to go to the last consequences.