After the success of The Wrath of God, the acclaimed actor Diego Peretti will make his debut as a film director. The film with which he will start this new stretch of his career is called The death of a comedian. It is a film that he will also star in and that will be made through the collective financing system

With a script by Hernán Casciari and Chiri Basilis, based on Peretti’s own idea, the film, which until now is only known to be shot between Argentina and Brussels, will replicate the format that Orsai Audiovisuales used to film “La Uruguaya” the miniseries “Canelones” and the documentary “Alone in Paradise” about the 33 days of confinement of actress Justina Bustos on an African island.

It will be financed by the voluntary contribution of any person of legal age, of any nationality, who acquires bonds until March 31, 2023.

Those who buy bonds become producer partners. This will give them the right to be part of the entire creative process. Through an App they will have access to production files, task schedules, department meetings and also to participate in relevant decisions.