Sorasha Di and Adrian Capital, two of the figures of “Dinamita Gladiadoras”, the show that breaks the box office in Carlos Paz, visited our television set and talked about the work that they have been presenting this season in the mountain town. “We are super happy to be in Carlos Paz, we are very happy to come here to the villa, it is my second year and I am super enjoying it,” Sorasha began by saying.

It should be remembered that the cast of Dinamita Gladiadoras was nominated for the Carlos Awards for best costumes. “It took us more or less an hour, an hour and a half, to assemble ourselves, especially in tricking ourselves and turning into women,” explains Adrián. “Makeup takes us about an hour or so, to be able to produce ourselves, put on eyelashes and prepare the skin and start designing the features. Normally, based on the outfits we wear, we do the makeup,” says Sorasha.

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After the success achieved this season, where they perform two daily performances to a full house, the artists highlighted the sacrifice and work involved in being behind this show: “It’s tiring because we’ve been standing from around eight thirty in the evening, wearing shoes and then we go to the show and continue with our shoes on stage. There are days when we have a double role and it’s exhausting“However, they assured that the affection they receive from the public is the engine that helps them continue: “It fills you up because every night people choose us and at the same time when we are up on stage we receive the applause and it makes us super happy, so it makes us want to return every day with the same energy and we leave fatigue aside”.

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