The Argentine sitcom Casados ​​con Hijos premiered in 2005 and had only two seasons, but to this day it continues to add viewers of all generations.

In fact, knowing the series, a TikTok user, went to look for the front of the house that was shown on television and recorded it for social networks. “Does anyone know this facade?” The user asks from her @unreviaje account. “We went to Los Argento’s house,” she adds in the video. All the videos were recorded in the Telefe studios, in Martínez, but those scenes were inside the house.

“It is located in the town of Florida, province of Buenos Aires, but getting there left us with more questions than answers,” the woman mentions and shows the difference with respect to the house that was shown in the program. In fiction, the place looked quite untidy and with the remains of posters pasted on the garage part, while in the current images you can see the renovated front and with decorative details in the painting.