“#CuentaGotas”, a documentary series produced by the Hemotherapy Institute of the province of Buenos Aires that recounts in the first person the importance of donating blood, will premiere on Monday, April 18 simultaneously on the Encuentro Channel and the Cont.ar platform .

Through six chapters, “#CuentaGotas” immerses itself in the stories of people who need a blood transfusion to live, of those who are willing to donate it, and of the health teams that work daily to obtain it.

As specified in a statement from the Buenos Aires Government, the story is built in the first person, from commitment, solidarity, strength and vocation.

The series also addresses the medical dimension and cultural aspects involved in the blood extraction and transfusion processes.

The documentary reaches the state signals from a collaboration and joint work agreement between Public Contents SE and the Ministries of Communication and Health of the province of Buenos Aires.

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