Starting in June, the payments will begin. new increases for domestic workers which include a rise in May 7% and a second increase in June 6%. Ana Altamirano, head of the Cordoba Family Homes Staff Union (Simpecaf)clarified that these are basic values ​​but that there may be other higher ones agreed upon with the parties

so for the 5th category the personnel with retirement will receive a salary monthly of 90,841 pesos and a value of hour of 740 pesos. While for him staff without retirementthe time will remain at 798 pesos and the monthly salary in 101,114 pesos.

In June there will be another 6% update and the hour for personnel with 5th category retirement will remain in 777 pesos and the monthly salary at 95,345.50 pesos. While the staff without retirement will collect 838 pesos an hour and a monthly salary of 106,093 pesos.

The union representative also clarified that the bonus It is for all workers, whether they are registered or not, work part-time or hourly, in the cases that they work up to 48 hours per week. It is paid until the last business day of June.

Source: With information from Chain 3

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