The dollar fell sharply again both in the marginal market, where it fell to $282, and in the financial system traded through bonds. All this, in the midst of the expectation generated by the arrival of Sergio Massa to an empowered Ministry of Economy.

The financial dollar continues without finding a floor and fell to $13, with the MEP already below $270, awaiting economic announcements. The “counted with liquid” (CCL) -operated with the Global 2030- sinks $13.44 (-4.7%) to $274.84.

In the informal market, the blue dollar fell $16 (-5.4%) to $280, after selling a little over a week ago at $350, its historical nominal record. During the past week, the parallel registered a fall of 12.4%, but during July it registered a rise of 24.4%.

Massa will assume this Wednesday at the head of a new Ministry that will include the economic, productive and agricultural areas of Argentina. In the market they maintain that Massa’s appointment as ‘super minister’ produced a strong change in expectations.

Operators consider that the key this week will be focused on the political agenda and the announcements of possible new measures with the change of cabinet.