Behind the rising prices, inflation that does not decrease and a basic basket Every day more expensive society sees every day more difficult to reach the end of the month with essential expenses. In order to get there, many families choose to attend soup kitchens and picnic areas in order to cut expenses or in some cases cover meals that are not possible with household money.

In cordoba this situation has worsened in recent months; According to a report by cba24n, the presence of children and adolescents in the city centers increased considerably and, therefore, the concern for poor nutrition as well.


María Tobares, Corazón a Corazón dining room in the Ciudad Evita neighborhood, She was concerned about this situation and told how it is to live helping the people who need it most “The other day there was a girl who came and told us: ‘I don’t have anything to feed my children, they haven’t eaten for two days.’ It’s something that hurts that they come and tell you that.”

Besides, Maria He expressed that the snack bar does what it can with the available resources and that they can only provide lunch on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and snacks on Wednesdays. “Before we were also on Fridays but we had to take out a day because the need is great and the help is little.”

Lastly, he stresses the importance of collaborating with this and all the picnic areas in the city of Córdoba, because the diet of many people depends on what the dining room provides. “Some come here to eat and others look for food and go home. “If you do the calculation, a person spends two bus tickets to come but takes six meals with dessert and drinks. So, you spend 200 pesos but you brought food for a family group”.

YOU CAN HELP THE HEART-TO-HEART DINER: 3512 32-5694 (María). You can also go to block 49 lot 2 in the Ciudad Evita neighborhood.