This Tuesday at the Bicentennial Civic Center the governors of the Central Region met: Juan Schiaretti, Gustavo Bordet (Entre Ríos) and Omar Perotti (Santa Fe). They did it under the motto “First 25 years of Regional Integration: federalism for productive development and international integration”. In the act, the governor of Córdoba handed over the Pro Tempore Presidency to his counterpart from Entre Ríos.

The provincial leaders ratified the decision of continue working on regional integrationat the same time that they announced the decisions adopted and the lines of work of the Central Region for 2023. It should be noted that Córdoba, Entre Ríos and Santa Fe constitute 14% of the country’s territory and 20 percent of its population (8,400,000 inhabitants).

They also agreed on the importance of the region in terms of production, which represents 25% of GDP, as well as the dynamism of its export sector, with a contribution of 38% to the national total. In addition, the governors insisted on the need to strengthen federalism and to rediscuss the distribution of fiscal resources.

“It is good to commemorate the 25th anniversary of a region that is the productive heart of the Homeland, which has been organizing itself and raising issues related to integration and going out into the world. If there is something that characterizes our Central Region, it is that we are an expression of production and work, not of the request for subsidies or benefits. What we want is to produce more and have more work for our people”Schiaretti said.

In addition, the Cordovan president reiterated the need to eliminate export withholdings: “They must be gradually lowered and put on account of income taxes until their final elimination is achieved.” In addition, he considered that “in a country that needs dollars, they should stop putting traps and obstacles to those who are capable of generating dollars.”.

Meanwhile, Perotti noted: “We have different views with other regions of the country, and particularly with the AMBA, with the Federal Capital. The Central Region was, is and should be a clear expression of federalism”. And he added: “It is time for Argentina to understand and know that there is a (productive) engine that is in this region”he added.

This was the act of transfer of command of the Pro Tempore Presidency

Source: Government of Córdoba