The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, and the head of the Economy, Martín Guzmán, announced this Friday at a press conference in front of the Casa Rosada that the non-taxable income tax minimum will rise to $280,792 gross as of June. The announcement came after the meeting they held with President Alberto Fernández, and the triumvirate of the CGT, Carlos Acuña, Héctor Daer and Pablo Moyano. According to Guzmán, with the change “1,200,000 fewer workers will pay the tax.”

“Our government carries out policies to defend the interests of workers,” said Guzmán, and assured: “Let us remember that during the previous government the number of workers who pay income taxes increased by more than one million people. More than two million one hundred thousand people came to pay income tax in a context in which employment and real wages fell, placing an additional burden on workers,” denounced Guzmán while revealing that in 2021 the caps were updated, with reduction of one million people.

The measure that will be regulated through a decree was known after a letter that Massa sent to Guzmán to accelerate the rise of the floor of that tribute, to prevent more workers from paying it after the joint elections. In addition, he will exempt the two half aguinaldo this year from the payment of this tribute. Until now, the Earnings floor for dependent employees of the fourth category is $225,937.

In a clear political message, Massa made it clear that there was no “tension” or “extortion” on his part, but that he was carrying out his task. The Minister of Economy assured that the measure will not have an impact on the goals agreed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the renegotiation of the external debt. In addition, he pointed out that the second tranche of the tribute scale will be $324,000.

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