Looking ahead to Easter, Easter eggs are already sold in neighborhood stores and large supermarket chains, although the impact of inflation is also being felt in this highly coveted product at this time of year. Unlike last year, they saw an increase from 40% to 70%.

Thus, prices range from $500 for a 100-gram egg, medium between $1,500 and $3,000 and large from that price up to, as is the case for a one-meter egg, $65,000 pesos.

Looking for alternatives, people choose to buy rabbits, tablets or other craft forms. While for snacks, the famous Easter cake was not far behind, its prices range from $500 to $2,000 in bakeries.

Emiliano Baratz, commercial manager of La Pinocha Chocolates, said that an increase in sales volume is expected, but that panorama will be clearer closer to the date because “customers usually buy during the same Easter week”, which this year falls April 17th.

Asked about the prices, Baratz told Ámbito that there are increases of between 40% and 68% in relation to the same commemoration a year before: the 100-gram one costs $700; the 250gr., $1750; the 500gr., $3500; and that of 2.5 kilos, $17,500 (this last size is the one that registered the greatest increase). While Franco assured that the average increases are around 38%.