This Sunday, April 9, Easter arrives and like every year, there is expectation in the sale of chocolate eggs. When taking into account the brand and the surprise that they carry inside, the mobile of La Mañana del C went to a store located in the Mercado Norte to learn about their different options.

Valeria, an employee of the business, showed all the varieties they offer as well as the prices: “A 20-gram egg starts from the 183 pesos, while the large Kinder egg is around $3000“. At the same time, he said that medium-sized eggs are the best sellers and vary between 620 and 1,200 pesos, depending on what they keep inside as candies, toys or chocolates.

On the other hand, he showed the rabbits and other forms of chocolate, which cost approximately $720. Regarding sales, the woman said that she hopes that from this Wednesday until even Sunday many people will come to buy.

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