Within the framework of the 23rd Edition of Cosquín Rock, Coca-Cola Andina Argentina – in alliance with the sustainability area of ​​En Vivo Producciones – participated by implementing a series of environmental actions with the purpose of increasing waste recovery rates and generating awareness of the importance of adopting sustainable habits that allow turning towards a circular economy.

For the first time this year, the festival organization formed a team of more than 70 people dedicated to the management and recovery of waste, managing to recover a large part of everything generated, far exceeding the average for this type of event.

During #CR23 work was done on the differentiated management of waste generated in food spaces, bars, VIPs and by the general public. 50 green points and Ecopoints were distributed on the property, many of them with the seal of the Coca-Cola “A World Without Waste” Program, which made it possible to separate waste into recyclables (paper, cardboard, bottles, cans, other containers, etc.) and organic (remains of fruits, vegetables and egg shells), which were composted during the two days of the event.

On the other hand, the environmental education actions and interactive games were presented in the Ecosquín tent, where more than 2,000 people came to learn, learn about and be interested in sustainability issues. There, Coca-Cola Andina Argentina presented its PET recovery process and delivered gifts made from recycled plastic.

All these joint initiatives contributed to keeping the space cleaner and mitigating the environmental impact of the festival, in addition to achieving a significant reduction and revaluation of waste.

At the end of Cosquín Rock 2023, the more than 200m3 of recovered recyclables were collected by the Municipality of Santa María de Punilla, and collected and differentiated by Luplast. Coca-Cola Andina Argentina will buy the PET recovered from the festival, thus starting a virtuous path with the different stages of the recycling cycle, and giving a new life to the bottles by transforming them into new recycled resin containers.