With national support, the Polo Obrero Córdoba mobilizes through the downtown streets towards the Ministry of Labor to demand the dismissal of 24 workers from the Atanor SA company in Río Tercero. Within this framework, the national leader of the Polo Obrero, Eduardo “little” Belliboniwas present in the docta to accompany the protest.

“We come in the framework of the dismissals of Atanor that have been compulsive, without reason and anti-union. But we are also going to some provinces because we have launched, from the National Piquetero Unit, a series of plenary sessions for the “National Piquetero Plenary “of March 3”, explained the referent about his visit to Córdoba.

And I add: “We view with great concern the general picture that is unfolding for workers. In addition to growing inflation, a social situation that is aggravated by the increase in the prices of basic staple products, and low wages and pensions below the line of poverty and indigence”.

In addition, the leader assured the right to strike and pointed against the government. “The right to claim is the first, if there is no right to claim, all other rights disappear. We are facing adjusting governments that in recent decades have hit the popular movement. As long as there are offensives there will be protests”he stated.

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Source: Rock and Pop Córdoba

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