This Tuesday morning, the economist Eduardo Olguin was in communication with Mimi Spicher on your show Spich of Radio Rock & Pop Cordoba 87.9, and discussed the ANSES bond swap proposed by Sergio Massa.

“It is a very complex issue since there are two problems, one is the difficulty that the government has with the dollar and the other is the issue of the ANSES sustainability guarantee fund to guarantee that retirees can be paid in the future,” he remarked when speaking on the subject.

“We have a dependent economy that has not been able to consolidate all the links in the production process and since then import. If, for example, due to a collapse, we stopped importing, all our economic activity would stop. You have to have an idea of ​​what the dollar markets ratio”explained Olguin. “Costs are fundamentally determined by the official dollar but when the blue dollar is taken as a predictor, businessmen begin to cover themselves and begin to calculate costs as if they were buying them with blue dollars, it is a high-level problem and that is when the famous gap comes out and that is the government’s concern”.

When inquiring about whether the measure of Massa to use the ANSES bonds, the economist certified that the Minister He already managed to lower the dollar, that is, he did not go out to sell. “With this feint, the Government has managed to lower the dollar counted with liquidation, which was its main objective but the problem is that it is not yet well defined and it is necessary to see how it will affect inflation.”