The Provincial Electoral Tribunal has taken measures to expedite the final scrutiny of the election for renewal of provincial authorities, held last Sunday, June 25. In order to speed up the process, eight additional validation tables have been set up. In this way, they join the ten already existing scrutiny tables, reaching a total of 18 tables that will work on the verification of the original minutes together with the representatives of the political groups.

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The purpose of this decision is to give greater speed and efficiency to the final scrutiny process, which consists of comparing the original minutes with the documentation presented by the political representatives. With the eight additional validation tables, it is expected to reduce the waiting time and move faster in the approval of the electoral results.

In addition, the Electoral Tribunal has announced that the counting tasks will also be carried out during the day of Sunday, July 2, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. In this way, it is sought to continue with the verification process and have the final results as soon as possible.