Coverage of Marina Baldo

Night after night, Cosquín is surprising and exceeding the call. Eighth place was not going to be left behind. With a lit “Lele” Lovato doing magic with the violin, the peace and sweetness of Nahuel Pennisi and the greatness of “La Sole” the night was perfect.

On the penultimate night of Cosco, it was the “Flor de Amancay” Ballet that danced the hymn to Cosquín at the opening of the festival. This ballet was the winner of the Pre-Cosquín 2023 Folk Dance Joint Category and carried out a beautiful proposal. Then, in the middle of the night, he took place to make his own painting recreating the life of Eva Perón, garnering applause and excitement from the public.

The grid begins with the eminent violinist Leandro Lovato. The man from Santa Fe made his violin “sing” with the skill that characterizes him, there was no shortage of cats and chacareras and a small tribute to Tamara Castro. There were few words on stage but the connection between him and his instrument spoke for itself.

A very emotional moment was lived when seeing Nacha Roldán, the lover of chamamé and from Corrientes by adoption, step on the “Atahualpa Yupanqui” stage again. With an intimate repertoire, she captivated the audience that generated a shower of applause and recognition for the 75-year-old singer-songwriter. After her presentation, she received two awards: she received the Nelly Omar award -granted by INAMU- and Camin for artistic career awarded by the National Folklore Festival Commission.

One of the strong artists of the night enters the scene. Nahuel Pennisi, the self-taught singer who never stops growing and generating new music, presents a delicate block of zambas. He then reviews some of his latest songs: “La Noche” and the recognized and acclaimed hit “Universo Paralelo”. In a conference, Nahuel talks about artists who inspired and continue to inspire him: Mercedes Sosa, Atahualpa Yupanqui, the Orellana Lucca duo. He was also consulted by a question that is being frequent for the singer-songwriters who go through the festival: is there a need for new songs? To which the artist replies that music always needs to be renewed.

The turn of the “Province Postcards” arrives on the main stage: Río Negro and San Juan develop their artistic proposals on the “Atahualpa Yupanqui” to publicize the identity of their place. After these interventions, Laura Molina & Magalí Juárez are present. This duo presented “Ciudadanas”: Laura playing the transverse flute and Magalí singing. This “Ciudadanas” project arose after sharing and accompanying each other at different events. These two women offered a very interesting show in which voice and instrument combined in a sublime way.

The musician from Quilmes, Sergio Fasoli, the winner in the male vocal soloist category of the Pre-Cosquín 2023, stepped on the main stage with an interesting proposal in which he combined chacareras and zambas. Next, Emiliano Zerbini, the man from La Rioja who had said in the 62nd Edition of the Festival that he was going to retire from music, entered. However, on stage he declared “I continue to sing for the people” and gave us several songs that allowed us to dance different folkloric dances.

And it was time for her, la Sole. With a show of more than 2 hours, she offered herself to her audience, generating a diversity of climates and emotions. At the beginning of her recital, she mentioned her sister, Natalia Pastorutti, asking that she be taken into account for new editions of the festival, since she has -like Soledad- 27 years of experience in music.

The square awaits attentively and Soledad invites Nahuel Pennisi to share on stage the beautiful song by Jorge Fandermole “Oración del Remanso”. It was a very emotional moment. Then she is followed by a selection of powerful chacareras and classic zambas -some by Horacio Guarany- accompanied only by guitar and bass drum.

A “gringa” is seen with a lot of desire to sing. Cosquín has that, it makes you want to leave everything on stage. More if it’s the stage that saw you grow up and catapulted you onto the music scene. Some guests who participated in the program “La Voz Argentina”: Octavio Muratore, Damián Ayala and the last winner, Yhosva Montoya.

The staging of the Sole was impressive. She is a very complete artist and that shows on stage. There was no shortage of cumbias -like the one released a while ago with Los Palmeras- and classics sung until exhaustion such as “Tren del Cielo” and “El Bahiano”. A woman from the audience also came up to dance with her on the “Tears and Flowers” ​​stage.

Closing time approaches and Soledad generates a moment of dialogue with the public. In that, she starts talking to a child from the audience, she was already ready to close with “Toast” but the child -and the spectators- begins to chant “Guys, now we are excited again” and a small moment is improvised in mode selection -la Sole with the Argentine shirt previously on-. Later she does begin to sing “Brindis” a very emotional song, which she moves when listening to it and singing it -because the artist shed a couple of tears-. A song that is a painting of what you go through in life, of the twists and turns, of the difficulties and the choices. A song that very well represents the path of “the hurricane” of Arequito and of “the common people” who are questioned and chant this song with her.

“La Sole” that girl who knew how to grow, mutate and bet on more from her first step in Cosquín. The woman who revolves her poncho but who does more than that, she sings to what she feels. The one who is not afraid to explore different genres and to give her best on stage. The one who enjoys singing like when she was a child. Impressive and powerful spectacle.

Tonight, the final, the strong artists will be Néstor Garnica and Abel Pintos.