This year marks a decade since the controversial chocolatier businessman and television star Ricardo Fort passed away at 45 years old.

With the passage of time, the image of the character continues to be part of the popular culture of Argentina. That is why on January 25 of this year it will arrive on the platform Star + the new documentary series about his life called “The Fort Commander”, where unknown aspects of his life will be shown.

The platform released a new production trailer that will consist of four episodes filmed in different parts of Buenos Aires and Miami. In the video you can see that the series will focus on the origin of the controversial character.

The docuseries tells of different testimonies among which those of their children stand out, Martha and Philip his brother Eduardo and Gustavo Martinez, who was his most emblematic couple, unpublished and public archive images and original recreations. It will also show how Fort went from being a millionaire heir to a renowned chocolate company, Felfortto become a television celebrity and even a singer.

The production will address issues of social relevance, such as the gay scene of the decades of the 90 and 2000, the cruelty of star system of television, addiction to fame, and the extreme manipulation of the body in pursuit of the image, all issues associated with the life of Fort.