Luis Juez presented his social plan that includes policies of education, health, housing, work and social security.

The Argentine politician presented measures that he presented as “relief for the middle class”. In it, he proposed to eliminate stamp tax that is applied to credit card consumption, eliminate taxes that charge 10% on pece bills and return in a gradual and progressive process the mobile 82% of retirees: “We are studying including the possibility of suspending the payment of the toll for 1 year for the residents of Greater Córdoba and the people of Cordoba who work in those cities”.

In his argument, the judge maintained that if he wins the elections on June 25, there will be reprofiling of priorities. When expressing himself against Martin Llaryora, he maintained the following: “He made it a priority to fix his office and spend 65 million pesos on it, instead of allocating it to medicines and prostheses. As the ethical rod is on the floor, and the problem in this province is that the discretion of this government is absolute.

Judge affirmed that Together for Change “He is ready to govern, prepared as never before; we just need the opportunity”.

“With the money from the San Carlos knot, thousands of social housing would have been built: “Several thousand Cordovans would have a roof today, but the Cordovans are not the priority,” said Judge. “I don’t go to the fourth hand of Circunvalación avenue,” he expressed ironically.

In that sense, Judge said that Llaryora responded with “stupidities” when he made his proposal for new security policies. He thus pointed to the mayor’s statement that he said that he is inclined to summon the Army to reinforce security.

Regarding his education plan, he said that on January 2 “they will go out looking for the children who are not in school”; and that health policy will be reorganized around regions in the interior. Then, he elaborated on the need to train medical resources: “We need pediatricians, not beauticians”he pointed.

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