The date of the election of the mayor of the city of Córdoba has been the subject of speculation for several weeks. According to the electoral law, the mayor must establish the date 90 days before the vote. However, the official version of the municipality is that up to now Martín Llaryora has not made a decision between July 23 and 30.

Until now, Mayor Martín Llaryora had defended the possibility of simultaneous elections in the city and the province, but that option was not accepted in the Civic Center. Therefore, the most probable date for the election of the mayor of the city of Córdoba will be July 23, although for now there is no official confirmation on this matter.

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What is confirmed is the mayoral candidacy of Vice Mayor Daniel Passerini. It was launched more than a month ago by Hacemos por Córdoba. It has not yet been defined who will accompany him in the formula. What is a fact is that Llaryora will take leave next May 25 and Passerini will be in charge of the municipal Executive for a month.

Another important issue is related to De Loredo’s lack of definition regarding his municipal candidacy. The fact that the current deputy does not confirm his nomination has generated some problems in the opposition armed forces. In the event that Rodrigo de Loredo gives up his candidacy, there are several politicians in the running to assume that position.