Governor Juan Schiaretti authorized this Monday the resurfacing work of a 10-kilometer section of Provincial Route 2, between the city of Río Tercero and the town of Villa Ascasubi, in the Tercero Arriba department. It should be noted that the route is used by private drivers and also by vehicles that transport regional production.

Within the framework of this visit, the current Governor of the province answered questions and even gave statements about the provincial elections that will be held this year, although he did not give further details of the date: “We have not planned it yet,” said the provincial president.

As reported by La Voz del Interior, Schiaretti went on to say: “All this progress from Córdoba needs to be maintained. And to the progress that our Córdoba is having, with my government, we must incorporate the things of the new times. And the person indicated to continue making Córdoba progress and incorporate what the new times indicate is Martín Llaryora, who is my candidate for governor”.

In this way, the president is fully involved in the campaign that seeks to position the current mayor of the provincial capital as the next Governor of Córdoba. “I ask all the inhabitants of Río Tercero to support him,” Schiaretti closed.