The National Government made official this Friday the call for open, simultaneous and compulsory primaries (PASSED) for the next one August 13; already general elections he October 22through a decree published in the Official bulletin.

“The Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Elections (Paso) are called for the election of candidates for President and vice president, senators and national deputies and parliamentarians of Mercosur from the national and regional districts on August 13, 2023″indicates article 1 of Decree 237/2023.

The second article calls for choosing “President and vice president and 19 Parliamentarians of Mercosur, National District (DN) and 19 substitutes on October 22, 2023”. The norm bears the signature of President Alberto Fernández; the Chief of Staff, Agustín Rossi; and the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo ‘Wado’ de Pedro.

In addition, the decree sets November 19 as the date for a possible “second electoral round”. Article 5 also calls for the October 22 “proceed to elect national senators and deputies as appropriate to each district” already “parliamentarians of Mercosur”.

It is established that the Ministry of the Interior, through the National Electoral Directoratewill adopt the necessary measures for the organization and conduct of the elections. This year the president and vice president and 130 deputies and senators are electedas specified in the annex to the standard.


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