After the hard-fought provincial elections between the fronts of Hacemos unidos por Córdoba, headed by the current mayor Martín Llaryora, and Together for Change, led by Luis Juez, the controversy over the results continues.

In this Sunday’s elections, considerable delays were experienced with the implementation of the new “Turing” technological system used to count the votes, which is why the Superior Court of Justice is carrying out an exhaustive investigation. It should also be remembered that Luis Juez furiously pointed to the electoral justice asking to open the polls to verify the veracity of the results.

In this fierce context, the opinion of Aurelio Gracía Elorrio, candidate for governor for Encuentro Vecinal and who became the fifth force with the most votes, prevails. “The difference is going to be more than three points,” the Cordovan politician confidently announced regarding the gap that divides the results of LLaryora and Judge. “That is to say that my results are going to volatilize, they are going to be a memory,” Elorrió lamented.

“I have some experience in seeing counts. Until the night, when they stopped it, I was seeing the trends. Obviously as the ballot boxes were being counted, you could see that this difference was widening. I think it will continue to widen. Llaryora , who came second, began to come back. When this phenomenon occurs, it is already a trend. I have the impression that the difference will be greater than 3 points”, he explained.

On the other hand, Elorrio stressed that a total of 600 ballot boxes remain uncounted, of which 160 belong to the capital. Perhaps the votes that increase that difference could be found in them.

It should be remembered that this Wednesday, June 28, the final scrutiny begins. It is estimated that the conclusive results will be ready in approximately 10 days.