Channel C Argentina, carried out a transmission of a historic nature for Cordoba television with 18 hours of live and direct coverage of the elections for governor of the Province of Córdoba. The signal, recently launched nationwide, continues to grow and stand out in the competitive Cordovan grid with large-scale coverage at key moments in the social and democratic life of Córdoba.

The transmission began at 8, being the only television medium that was live since the opening of the schools telling and showing everything that was happening in Córdoba. With cell phones in the streets, following the vote of the candidates and commenting on the rate of voting in educational institutions.

In addition, the operation had more than 16 correspondents strategically located in different parts of the province, 7 live mobile phones, more than 10 professionals in digital writing and social networks, 11 prominent journalists from the house on screen who, together with invited specialists and a large technical team of more than 30 people, added a total of 80 professionals who throughout Sunday were working to communicate with responsibility and local anchorage this important fact of the democratic life of Córdoba.

With pride, Canal C Argentina, being part of the Showsport group, was installed once again on the screen of thousands of viewers who chose this unique proposal with their own vision at such a special moment as the election of Governor of the province.