After the stumbling block of the opposition lists and the various surprises within the Cordovan ruling party, there were several referents who felt displaced from the formulas. Such was the case, for example, of the national deputy Natalia de la Sota, which resonated as one of the favorites for the schiarettista provincial formula; and its radical pair Soledad Carrizo, who asked Together for Change to have “self-criticism“.

“A society and a militancy tired of the asymmetries and inequality that have already led us to multiple defeats and a null representation of the true claims must end”, launched this midday Carrizo, after the withdrawal of Marcos Carasso from what was a brief double candidacy (to legislator and lieutenant governor for the formula of Luis Juez).

“Our commitment, and the mission of the alliance, has been since its inception to offer a proposal for changes based on ethical, moral and republican values ​​that cannot be deposed by personal greed. As a militant first, as a leader of radicalism and Together for Change I call for self-criticism. I call to rethink our actions in relation to those ideals and values ​​that we seek to transmit to society”continued the statement from the UCR reference.

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After the appointment of Myrian Prunotto to accompany Martín Llaryora as candidate for lieutenant governor for the PJ, Natalia de la Sota was left aside by her father’s historical partner and friend. She is now strongly associated as a possibility along the lines of Sergio Massa, nationally.