Between coffees that are getting cold, cigarettes that are smoked in a hurry on a balcony and faces that are beginning to lose their smiles, the politics of Córdoba live hours of give and take as in the previous one of each list closing. That habitual “last” thread is usually the moment of greatest adrenaline for those who are or aspire to come to power.

The novelty, this time, is marked because the Cordoba ruling party for the first time in more than two decades will not be able to stamp on the ballot the name of either of its two main quarterbacks: José Manuel de la Sota (deceased) and Juan Schiaretti ( for consecutive terms). That political society, which ruled Córdoba for as long as no other, is forced to renew itself by the inexorable passage of time.

It will be a wind of change that comes at a time of a deep national crisis and in the midst of some local black holes –such as insecurity- that can upset an electorate that was on automatic pilot. It is a coin in the air how the voters will behave on June 25 (scheduled date for the provincial elections) and on July 23, the day set for the battle in the Capital. This time, and in order to protect a bit of prestige, the pollsters play more indoors than towards the public

Schiaretti, now launched on the national scene with the intention of being politically active to prop up the local level at this time of change, agreed to broaden the base of the coalition led by the local PJ and which, after some jolts by name, finally it will be called Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba.

With Martín Llaryora as the new standard-bearer to retain provincial power, that alliance began to seduce a group of radical leaders who do not feel sheltered by their party or who blush because a former Peronist like Luis Juez is the candidate for governor of Juntos por the change.

Among them, the one who can best come out of the change is the radical Myrian Prunotto (she even sounds like a candidate for vice-government or a strong ministry), who from the Juárez Celman mayorship had been emphatically demanding a good place in the provincial ticket of her own or He made his file available to the club in front, something that he did.

What for some is “the ambulance effect”, due to the collection of wounded, in Cordoba politics has also historically been taken as the “kangaroo jump”, by those leaders who go from one place to another, according to the seduction of a position or a place on a list. It’s when everyone forgets about the original jersey and wraps up in the colors that suit them best.

This kangaroo will occur in the ruling party not only with radical leaders, but could mark the most surprising stride Javier Pretto, today nothing less than president of the PRO at the provincial level. He sounds like a vice-mayoral candidate alongside Daniel Passerini, which would make him a true high-ranking babysitter.

When everything is still open, the closure of the lists for the provincial discussion expires this Saturday at 12:00 p.m. departmental.

In Together for Change, the only alliance capable of disputing power from the ruling party, the different factions of radicalism argue over the charges, while the Judge hopes that the departure of Rodrigo de Loredo (the mayor’s office will be disputed) will not cause him to bleed votes in the interior of the province, where the UCR maintains very important beachheads when it comes to adding the beans.

In the midst of this game of high politics, common people live another reality: they feel inflation eat them to the guts, they see how a single job is rarely enough to stop the pot, and they hear insecurity knocking on the door.

What for some is “the ambulance effect”, due to the collection of wounded, in Cordoba politics has also historically been taken as the “kangaroo jump”.

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