The electoral ban begins in Jujuy for the 2023 Elections, where more than 500 thousand voters will have the responsibility of electing the new governor, provincial deputies, mayors, councilors and municipal commissioners. As of this Friday, May 5 at 8 in the morning, any type of political campaign act and the dissemination of surveys will be prohibited.

In addition, during the day of the vote, popular shows will not be allowed in the open air or in closed areas, and the sale of alcoholic beverages will be prohibited. Vote ballots may not be delivered within a radius of 80 meters from the polling stations, and voters may not carry weapons or use flags or other emblems.

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Finally, on Sunday, May 7, the provincial elections will be held and Jujeños will be able to elect governor, lieutenant governor, provincial deputies, conventional constituents, mayors, councilors, and members of municipal commissions. The online register is already enabled on the website of the Electoral Tribunal of Jujuy to check where to vote. After these elections, only the PASO and the general elections at the national level will remain, which will take place in August and October, respectively.

Who are the gubernatorial candidates?

Carlos Sadir (Cambia Jujuy Front);

Alejandro Vilca (Left Front and Workers – Unity);

Juan Cardozo (United Front for Jujuy);

Rubén Rivarola (Justicialista Front);

Rodolfo Tecchi (Jujuy Front Has a Future);

Iñaki Aldasoro (Worker Policy);

Cecilia García (VIA Front + Libertarians).

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