Next Sunday the inhabitants of the province of Misiones are preparing to exercise their right to vote in the provincial elections. During the day, the governor and lieutenant governor, 20 titular provincial deputies, 7 substitute provincial deputies will be elected, as well as the municipal authorities will be renewed.

It should be noted that in Misiones there is no instance of Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primaries (PASO), so the results of the elections on Sunday, May 7 will determine who will be the provincial representatives for the next four years. With an electoral roll of 989,148 citizens, between nationals and foreigners qualified to vote, the inhabitants of Misiones will be able to choose between the various options that are presented for each position to be renewed.

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The current governor, Oscar Herrera Ahuad, of the Renewing Front for Harmony, is seeking re-election. Misiones will hold the elections on the same day as the provinces of Jujuy and La Rioja, while a week later, on May 14, it will be the turn of Tucumán, Salta, San Juan and Tierra del Fuego.

It is important to note that since April 7, the definitive register for the elections in Misiones has been enabled, where citizens can consult the polling place. In addition, foreign voters may only participate in the election of municipal offices.

Who are the gubernatorial candidates?

Hugo Passalacqua and Lucas Romero Spinelli for the Concord Renewal Front

Martín Arjol and Natalia Döpler for Together for Change

Isaac Lenguaza and as Vice President Santiago Mansilla for the Fuerza de Todos Front

Julia Perie and Aurelio Torrez for The Broad Front

Ninfa Alvarenga and Julio César Peralta for Integration and Militancy

Lorenza Villanueva and Eduardo Demetrio Cantero for the Workers’ Party

Jorge Pelinski and Marilene Esmeralda Re for the Democratic Party

Débora Mangone and Emilio Abal for the Front for Life and Values

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