The national senator and candidate for Juntos Somos Río Negro, Alberto Weretilneck, was proclaimed this Sunday as the new governor of the province and expressed that he is “very satisfied” with the electoral results, obtaining “almost a 22-point advantage.”

Shortly after 10:30 p.m., after long hours of tense counting, the result was known. Governor Alberto Weretilneck swept the elections and minutes later entered the Italian Circle of cipolletti to unleash the celebration. He did it accompanied by a young lawyer Rodrigo Butler who was elected as the communal chief of the same Valletana locality.

“First, thank the people for this day in the 40 years of democracy”, he indicated at the beginning of the speech. And he continued to thank “those who trusted us, in the great Rio Negro agreement and accepted our proposal to leave differences and confrontations behind and we proposed a project for Río Negro for the future.”

For his part, the candidate of Cambia Río Negro, Hannibal Tortoriello He assured that these elections were “a big step” and they plan to continue fighting. In addition, despite the defeat, sources of that force highlighted the growth they had compared to the 2019 election. “We achieved sustained growth over the years, we will have an important presence in the next formation of the Río Negro legislature and we will fight to impose our candidates in the next provincial elections” they said.