Some twenty legislators, mayors and community presidents met to support the candidate for governor and current mayor of the capital, Martín Llaryora, and announced that they will stick the date of the municipal election to the provincial one

They met in the town of Panaholma. Present were legislators Alfredo Altamirano and Julio Bañuelos, mayors Claudio Manzanelli; from Mina Clavero; Carlos Oviedo de Cura Brochero; Roberto Oviedo from Villa Sarmiento and Mariano Ceballos from Nono; the communal presidents Claudia Bustos de Ambul; Darío Altamirano of Panaholma; Mauro Oviedo from Las Calles; Marcelo Matos from Las Rabonas; Elias Oviedo of San Vicente; Juan Romero de Sauce Above. Also pre-candidates for Arroyo de Los Patos and San Lorenzo.

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After the meeting, they prepared a document in which they stated: “we share and express our decision and commitment to support the Hacemos por Córdoba project. We come from complex times, where the impossibility of many of us not being re-elected, places us in a situation of combining criteria and strengthening our ties to look beyond said horizons and continue working towards a partisan objective, raising the flags of Hacemos por Córdoba, to promote Martin Llaryora to Governor of Córdoba and Juan Schiaretti to President of the Nation”

They also pointed out that “the impossibility that many compañeros and compañeras have of not being able to run again as candidates in the various localities will not weaken our strength and militancy, quite the contrary, the power to continue defending our ideals of social justice, development and equity in every corner of the province.

Finally, they reaffirm the decision to call the municipal elections on the same date as the provincial ones, as they have been doing since 1999.

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