On Monday the Ministry of Health provided that medical prescriptions made on paper and sent via the web, mail or WhatsApp to request treatment in pharmacies will no longer be valid, as of the resolution 3622/2022 published in the Official bulletin.

repealed the Resolution No. 696/20 of March 31, 2020which enabled the presentation at the pharmacy of prescriptions in text message or message format “through messaging applications via web, mail or fax”, indicated the text.

The Undersecretary of Quality, Regulation and Oversight, Claudio Ortiz reported that the measures taken are taking into account social work providers such as PAMI. “It returns to the system that was in force before the pandemic, that is, the paper prescription with the doctor’s holographic signature, or the electronic or digital prescription for those providers that have these systems, such as PAMI,” were his words.

Due to the expansion of the health emergency established by the Law No. 27,541, Modifications were authorized in the prescription and dispensing of psychotropic or other medications for the care of chronic and eventually acute pathologies for the duration of the emergency.

In this way, the repealed resolution allowed the medical prescription to be presented at the pharmacy “So that the patient does not have to go to the health center or hospital to have the prescription for chronic medications and/or any other medication that they regularly use be renewed.”