With a request for unity within Juntos por el Cambio (JxC), the leader of the Civic Coalition (CC), Elisa Carrió, reaffirmed this Wednesday that she will run as a pre-candidate for president to compete in the primary elections within the opposition coalitionwhile the radical Mario Negri asked Mauricio Macri to speed up his determination regarding whether he will be a candidate since his lack of definition “does not do the coalition or the Argentines any good.”

“I want there to be a great electoral offer in presidential and governor matters, and unity for the lists of legislators,” said “Lilita” in dialogue with Jorge Lanata in miter radio.

Until now, the former national deputy had shown dissimilar behaviors regarding what role she would occupy in the next elections, but this Tuesday she anticipated that she will compete for the Casa Rosada. “I am a candidate to guarantee unity, I do not intend to win, I do not intend to have a debate to the death in Together for Change”, he synthesized.