Trum, the show that brings together the best of Argentine folk culture, has been sweeping this summer season in Villa Carlos Paz. With a spectacular number of malambo, projections, drums and boleadoras, the work is positioned among the most viewed in this 2023. Tango dancers, singers and the cast of dancers from the Compañía Gaucha Argentina participate in the show.

One of the numbers that stands out the most is that of Ema Arias, singer, who makes a mix of songs from different genres and who gets all the applause of the show every night. Now, the artist visited our Espacio Canal C set and told us how she is living the summer season in the mountain village. “We started a great year, 2023 with a lot of energy, this is what ‘Trum’ generates, this folkloric show that we live at the Teatro del Sol from Tuesday to Sunday. We are enjoying this energy as Trum says: love and movement. I’m happy to be a part of this.”

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During the function, the spectators will be able to enjoy a mix of artistic paintings that show the best of the essence of our country. In this regard, Ema Arias assures that it is a “super complete” show and that it seeks to “remember everything we are and everything what forms us as Argentines”. The work also has a comedy number which is in charge of the comedian Diana Fonts.

Regarding the musical number by Ema Arias, where she goes through great folklore and tango hits, the artist referred to how the public lives that moment and in this regard said: “What happens every night in Trum when tango arrives, where we share the stage with a beautiful couple from Mendoza who do an exquisite job dancing, people remain silent, enjoying themselves. We have that connection with the people there night after night and the truth is that afterwards they explode the final applause of the scene and it’s beautiful”.

It should be remembered that Trum performs at the Teatro del Sol in room 3, from Tuesday to Sunday: Tuesdays at 10 p.m. and from Wednesday to Sunday at 11:30 p.m.

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