through the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security of the Nation will be granted the benefit of access to the Registered Program to promote the formalization of the employment of workers in private homes. This means that employers who enroll new maids may receive an amount equivalent to 30 or 50% for six months to complete the salary.

It is for those who have domestic employees under the “Employment Contract Regime for Personnel of Private Houses”, that do not pay profits.

In addition, Raquel Kelly Olmos, the holder of the aforementioned portfolio, stated that the employees of private homes will receive a bond Y a salary increase of 24% in four installmentsafter the decree that established a year-end bonus of $24,000 for people with registered work with income of up to $180,000 per month.

The registration date starts on January 16 and ends on January 23, 2023. They must enter the AFIP page, from there to the “Private houses” portal and once in that tab, enter the option “Refund request – Decree 841/22”. In addition, there are other requirements.

Who can request a return

-They do not simultaneously have a salaried job and an economic activity framed in the simplified regime for small taxpayers in category “C” or higher or in the self-employment regime, nor are they in the Registry of Employers with Labor Sanctions (REPSAL) .

-Not having made a personal asset tax declaration of more than $8,383,920

-Nor should they be the owner of more than one real estate, automotive property less than one year old, or of more than one car, boat or aircraft.

-To access the refund, you must communicate, under sworn statement, the total amount paid to the worker for the assistance, and present the salary receipt of December 2022 with the inclusion of the payment and the CBU of the contracting party.

Weeks ago, the Government announced the payment of a year-end bonus of $24,000 in December for registered workers – Decree 841/2022.

-In the case of staff in private homes, it was established as a limit for employers that the payment must be settled before December 31, in full to employees who work between 32 and 48 hours a week.

-If domestic workers work fewer hours, the payment of the bonus must be calculated proportionally.