Marcelo Tinelli and Guillermina Valdés separated after 9 years of relationship. The scoop was announced on the Ángel de Brito program, one of the panelists assured that the couple was in crisis since the trip they made as a family to Punta del Este.

Yanina Latorre stated that the cause of the separation was linked to differences in coexistence. “They have children separately, who have different lifestyles and in Punta del Este coexistence was rare. Marcelo went on a family trip with his grown children and Guillermina would not have liked that, “she said, referring to the trip to Mexico that the driver made, while Guillermina went to Europe with her children.

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In addition, he pointed out: “They tell me that the decision is Guillermina’s, that he was not so convinced with the separation,” Yanina said and confirmed that it was a definitive break and not a crisis.

For his part, Marcelo Tinelli confirmed the news but did not want to provide more details on the subject. “I’m not going to say anything, out of respect for both of them, but we’re doing really well.”