On the eve of the end-of-year celebration, the Secretary of Mental Health from the province He gave recommendations to travel this time in a healthy way.

Some people consider the end of the year parties as a time of enjoyment and encounters, but for others they are difficult moments in which absences or conflicts materialize. In all cases, It is essential to respect the wishes and decisions of each one in relation to meetings and activities.

End of the year is a period of time with special characteristics, marked by a beginning and an end, which can help to better plan activities.

Cecilia Ponce, coordinator of General Hospitals of the Ministry of Mental Health indicated that this is an ideal moment to close cycles and plan new goals. “You can think of this moment as an opportunity to close cycles and set new goals; Ordering the disorganized helps each person to spend it satisfactorily and can find new resources to navigate what is to come”were his words.

Another key aspect to keep in mind is trying to maintain routines related to psychophysical self-caremainly the sleep and eating schedules, which allows not to alter the days and to be able to enjoy them better. Furthermore, this time can be thought of as a opportunity to make room for moments of encounter with oneself and with family, social and friendship ties.

Generating meetings with people with whom we can share our affective world, achievements or significant experiences of the year allows us to feel accompanied and supported”, Indian Ponce. The coordinator advised looking for moments to do things that generate pleasure and share with others from enjoyment and not from obligation.

also invited reflect on the excesses that characterize the holidays. “The preparation of food, gifts, decoration, are usually a factor that does not help with anxiety and demands typical of the time of year,” warned and explained:A lot of quantity does not mean quality, and it generates a number of unnecessary mandates. Adapting to the possibility of each one generates a feeling of relief and tranquility”.

One factor that influences this time is the heavy consumption of alcohol. It is recommended promote hydration with water or natural juices at the table shared with family or friends, and keep in mind that those who travel must have a designated driver who must not consume alcohol.


Consultations in an emergency

If a person is going through an emergency or mental health situation, they can go to their reference health center. Likewise, the general hospitals have guards for people in acute crisisaccording to the laws on the matter.

In the event of a mental health emergency, you can also go to the Provincial Neuropsychiatric Hospitallocated in León Morra 172, B° Juniors, in the city of Córdoba. Phone: 0351-15632149124 hours, or 4342426/27/28Monday to Friday from 8 to 17.