In this third edition, the program aims to “encourage getaways during the medium and low seasons,” it was reported in a statement. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports enabled as of today the registration for tourism providers who want to participate in Pre-Trip 3.

To register, it is an essential requirement to enter, accessing through “I am a provider”, where you can see the list of AFIP codes enabled to be part of the program and the respective credit limits that each one generates. .

When entering with the fiscal code and indicating the email, they must click to register and complete the form, and when indicating CUIT, the company name will appear automatically. You must also select the AFIP code with which you wish to register, if you are registered in more than one, paying special attention to the caps.

It will be necessary to add the data of the establishment(s) as appropriate, for example, when registering a hotel chain, it will be possible to detail the location and fantasy name of each of them, as long as they are registered under the same CUIT.

When registering as a provider, the commitment is assumed to accept payments with the PreViaje card in the store and to record all the information of the contracted services in the vouchers that are issued.

For this edition it was highlighted from the national body that “cash purchases are not accepted”; the services must be paid by debit and/or credit card, virtual wallet or transfer.